Preparing for your Next Tech Conference

When surrounded by your peers, you want to be able to speak intelligently about certain subjects that may arise. When your peers are computer geeks, you want to be able to speak intelligently about… well, beer of course.

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Clojure in 3 Minutes

There are a few different ways to install and configure Clojure. I was shown this way, which seems to be the easiest, most straightforward way of getting Clojure up and running. I’m pretty sure it’s the most straightforward way that I’ve seen of getting any language up and running. Stick with me and you’ll have written your first line of Clojure locally within 3 minutes. Five at the most.

We’re going to use Leiningen to get Clojure installed and running. Taken from the readme file:

Leiningen is for automating Clojure projects without setting your hair on fire.

Working on Clojure projects with tools designed for Java can be an exercise in frustration. With Leiningen, you just write Clojure.

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Learning Clojure

Over the past few months, we’ve been making a pretty aggressive move towards using Clojure in our model at World Singles. We still have a CFML-based application in a ColdBox framework, but our model has seen a lot of CFML re-written as (fewer lines of) Clojure.

Before anybody asks, or leaps to conclusions, there will be no Helms-ian type blog posts where I bid adieu to the CFML community. Learning and using a new technology does not, and should not automatically equate to closing the door on any other. I’m not learning Clojure to replace CFML. I’m learning Clojure in addition to CFML. CFML will always be a tool in my toolbox. It just won’t be so lonely anymore.

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How I Got Started with ColdFusion

Thanks to Steve Bryant for the inspiration.

Many, many moons ago (1995-ish), I was working for a small startup here in Phoenix doing data entry. The company had a few ventures going on. The cool one was building web sites (for those clients who were bleeding edge enough to know what web sites were), and the other one, which was a CD-based version of the yellow pages. I worked on the other one. Typing the yellow pages into a database.

I had inquired about crossing over to the cool side of the building, but was told that there was no time to train somebody new, and I didn’t know HTML. In fairness, they were somewhat overworked what with keeping up with all of the new cool technology, like the <font> tag.

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Haboob 2 – Son of Haboob

A few weeks back, Phoenix was hit with a haboob that made national news. There were some stunning pictures and video taken, as seen here (photos) and here (videos).

Today, we’re in the midst of yet another haboob. From what I understand, if the last one was a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10, this one rates about a 3. Still pretty impressive though. Especially since I happened to be driving right into it as it approached and ultimately engulfed my neighborhood.

These pictures aren’t nearly close to the calibre of some of the photos that I saw of the last storm, but given that these are taken with an iPhone camera, and I was driving at the time (sorry, Mom), I think they’re worth passing along.

The haboob approaches

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