The Master Cleanse – A Followup

Back in March of 2009, I discussed a 30 day Master Cleanse that I had just completed. It was one of my more popular blog entries, and generated quite a few comments, some of them a bit heated.

It’s been three years since that entry. While there are no shortage of blog entries or general postings about the Master Cleanse and its immediate results, I feel that a followup on that post is long past due. What’s gone on over the past 3 years, and where am I now?

To summarize, I was around 215 lbs when I started that cleanse, and ended up around 185. Today, I’m hovering right around 200 lbs. Most will be quick to say, “Ha! You’ve gained most of the weight back!” And while it’s true that I’m 15 lbs heavier than I was after finishing the cleanse 3 years ago, I’m still 15 lbs lighter than I was when I started that cleanse. One notable difference is that I was at about 33% body fat back then. Today I’m at 23%. So the weight comparison is really not apples-to-apples.

So 3+ years later, still down 15 lbs, am I still a fan of the Master Cleanse? In a word… no.

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Today’s Ten Commandments

The following list was posted to twitter by Cory Booker (@CoryBooker), Mayor of Newark, New Jersey. I don’t know if this list was created by Mr. Booker or if he was just passing it along, but either way, it’s information that’s worth passing on.

  1. To create wealth: give more than you get
  2. To obtain freedom: adopt discipline
  3. To gain tomorrow: sacrifice today
  4. To be secure: take risks
  5. To lead: serve
  6. To get up: lift another
  7. To get revenge: forgive
  8. To win: find the lessons in loss
  9. To fly: fall often
  10. To change the world: change yourself – 50GB Free Online Storage for iOS Users

Online storage is becoming quite a popular commodity. Between, iCloud,, Ubuntu One, and, there’s no shortage of options if you find yourself running out of storage space locally.

Recently, started a promotion where they’re offering 50GB of free storage to iOS 5 users. There’s no catch. You don’t have to have “x” number of friends sign up. You don’t have to tweet anything. You don’t even have to write a blog entry (hmm…). All you have to do is download the iOS app to your iOS 5 powered iPhone or iPad and log in from the app. The promotion began on October 12th, and runs for 50 days.

Seems like a pretty good deal, especially given that Dropbox only offers 2GB for free. So.. is it?

Getting the free space is as easy as it sounds. As soon as you log into your account (or create a new one) within the iOS app, you’ll see that your account has been allocated 50GB. From there, it’s a bit touch-and-go. There’s a lot of upselling attempts going on. Make no mistake about it, the promotion is a loss leader, and wants to convert as many accounts as possible to paid accounts. I’ve been signed up for one week, and have gotten two “I’d like to talk to you about upgrade options” emails.

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Sublime Text 2

Early last year, I blogged about TextMate, which I referred to as my “new IDE of choice”. Embarrassing choice of words really, since TextMate is anything but an IDE. That was primarily what drew me to it. It is a text editor with some extra features, and much more lightweight than a typical IDE. I was happily using TextMate for day-to-day work up until a number of months back when I switched over to ColdFusion Builder 2.

I’ll say up front that I’ve never really been a huge fan of Eclipse in general, which is the framework on which ColdFusion Builder is based. I think it’s a great framework, but it can be quite the resource hog. Yet I started using ColdFusion Builder because my boss used it, and seemed to really be a fan. I figured he knew something I didn’t (which is often the case), and that I just needed to start using it and getting used to it. I was sure that after a few weeks, I’d be over the hump and happily coding away.

It’s been pretty close to a year now, and I still don’t feel comfortable with Builder. It still feels like I’m trying to like it. But it still sucks up quite a bit of RAM, CSS editing is a chore (we have a few _very_ large CSS files that Aptana chokes on), and the keyboard shortcut for commenting a block of code is:

* not intended to be a factual statement

Additionally, some things that I had gotten used to with TextMate weren’t present in Builder. I was used to a closing bracket/curly brace/parentheses being auto-inserted, and me being able to type over that character. But in Builder I kept ending up with 2 closing elements. I eventually turned off the auto-close feature. Long story short… it just never really flowed for me. It never felt “right”.

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The DC Comics Reboot

Today is the last day of the DC Universe as we know it. Tomorrow, and I mean at 12:01 am, the DC Universe reboots.

There’s a jaded, cynical side of me that wonders if this is simply a gimmick that will be erased in a year. Let’s face it, it’s not like super heroes die and then eventually come back. Granted, this is a much larger scale, but it could be a shrewd marketing move to boost sales for a year before returning things to the status quo. But let’s assume for a moment that this is a true reboot. If this is truly the case, I think it’s brilliant.

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