Sponsor Me in the MDA Muscle Walk

tl;dr Pledge to the MDA at my fundraising page.

On March 23, 2013, my family and I will be participating in the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s “Phoenix Muscle Walk”. We became involved with MDA when we found out that my son, CJ, has inherited the gene for Charcot Marie Tooth disease (CMT), a neurological disease that causes damage to the peripheral nerves, which carry signals from the brain and spinal cord to the muscles, and relay sensations, such as pain and touch, to the brain and spinal cord from the rest of the body.

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Nicotine Free

Image “The Smoke” by lucaszoltowski

Today I’m nicotine-free for a year and a half. That’s an amazing thing to be able to say. I struggled for so many years to quit, and failed so many times, that I seriously doubted I’d ever be at this point.

Having struggled with nicotine for so many years and finally feeling confident that I’ve kicked the habit for good, I’d love for this post to be a “Here’s-how-I-did-it-and-here’s-how-you-can-too” type of post. I know I searched for enough of that type of guidance over the years that I tried to quit. There are certainly some resources like that out there… but I think we all know how likely they are to really help you quit. Unfortunately the best that I can do is to cover the “Here’s-how-I-did-it” part, and hope that it leads you to your own “you-can-too”.

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Today’s Ten Commandments

The following list was posted to twitter by Cory Booker (@CoryBooker), Mayor of Newark, New Jersey. I don’t know if this list was created by Mr. Booker or if he was just passing it along, but either way, it’s information that’s worth passing on.

  1. To create wealth: give more than you get
  2. To obtain freedom: adopt discipline
  3. To gain tomorrow: sacrifice today
  4. To be secure: take risks
  5. To lead: serve
  6. To get up: lift another
  7. To get revenge: forgive
  8. To win: find the lessons in loss
  9. To fly: fall often
  10. To change the world: change yourself


The DC Comics Reboot

Today is the last day of the DC Universe as we know it. Tomorrow, and I mean at 12:01 am, the DC Universe reboots.

There’s a jaded, cynical side of me that wonders if this is simply a gimmick that will be erased in a year. Let’s face it, it’s not like super heroes die and then eventually come back. Granted, this is a much larger scale, but it could be a shrewd marketing move to boost sales for a year before returning things to the status quo. But let’s assume for a moment that this is a true reboot. If this is truly the case, I think it’s brilliant.

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Haboob 2 – Son of Haboob

A few weeks back, Phoenix was hit with a haboob that made national news. There were some stunning pictures and video taken, as seen here (photos) and here (videos).

Today, we’re in the midst of yet another haboob. From what I understand, if the last one was a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10, this one rates about a 3. Still pretty impressive though. Especially since I happened to be driving right into it as it approached and ultimately engulfed my neighborhood.

These pictures aren’t nearly close to the calibre of some of the photos that I saw of the last storm, but given that these are taken with an iPhone camera, and I was driving at the time (sorry, Mom), I think they’re worth passing along.

The haboob approaches

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Annual Update

As world renowned philosopher David Bowie once posited, “Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes”.

We’re Back in Arizona

It’s been a year now… I must have blogged this, have I not? *sigh* Ending (hopefully) what was a 5-year run of moving about the country, we landed back in Arizona (Phoenix) in June of 2010. We were living in San Ramon, which is an absolutely beautiful area with no shortage of things to do with the family… but it was expensive. Ridiculously expensive. I had started freelancing, and it looked like I might actually make a living at it… so it was time for my wife and I to make a “grown up” choice. Since I was now working out of the house, we could live anywhere. On one hand, we loved the area we were in… but as a single-income family of 5, it was a challenge. On the other hand, we both have friends and family in AZ, and it’s quite inexpensive. We preferred San Ramon to Phoenix, but in the end, did what we think was the right thing. A year later, we still miss the Bay Area, but we’ve been enjoying our time here, and it looks like we’ll stick around for a while.

Had a Job, Left a Job, Freelanced, Got a Job

In October of 2009, I left a full time position to become a full time freelancer. Through a combination of luck and having good friends in the community, I was able to keep myself busy and keep paychecks coming in.

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Post-Master Cleanse Update (Updated with Photos)

Not surprisingly, my previous post on my Master Cleanse experience garnered reactions that ran the gamut from curious to supportive to “that’s a load of woo”. Most posts that I’ve seen on the subject garner the same widespread reaction.

What I’ve not seen much of is any sort of consistent follow-up posts by people who have done the cleanse. I’ve seen mostly positive reviews by those who have tried it (a few “I just couldn’t do it” too), usually with a good amount of “success”. Of course, “success” in these cases can be somewhat of a subjective term. If a person loses 30lbs in 30 days, can that be considered a success if they gain it all back over the next 30? And why is it that so few are willing to post those ongoing entries?

Not sure this will become a “regular thing”, but I do want to take the time to address my first 3 weeks post-cleanse, and talk about whether or not I still consider my cleanse a “success”.

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30 Days of the Master Cleanse

Today wraps up day 30 of a master cleanse. I dropped a total of 29.1 lbs, and plan to go another day (or maybe two).

Over the past year or so, I’ve been way too sedentary. More so than usual. I’d sit in front of the computer at work all day, come home, and sit in front of the computer all night working on a side job. I wouldn’t say I was obese (altho my Wii Fit would disagree), but I was definitely as heavy as I’d ever been, and I wasn’t happy about it.

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Helping out Joe and Dale

It’s been almost a month since Joe Rinehart, one of the superstars of the ColdFusion community, and an all-around good guy, revealed that his wife Dale had been recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

To get right to the point, some folks in the community got together and organized an effort to collect some funds to try and help offset the cost of medications and treatment. Please visit http://www.helpsupportjoeanddale.com to read a little bit more about the effort, and to help out if you can.

I know times are tough for many. I know there may be people saying, “That’s really terrible and my heart goes out to them, but I’ve got problems of my own so I can’t help out right now.” I can sympathize with that. Hell, I can empathize with that. On the personal side of things, we’re dealing with a house in FL that we’ve not been able to sell since we left over 2 years ago. It’s pretty much devastated our finances. Believe me, I understand. I might even have thought that way myself. But here’s a little story that might help explain why I’m going to do what I can (aside from “Every little bit helps”, which is true, of course).

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