Preparing for your Next Tech Conference

When surrounded by your peers, you want to be able to speak intelligently about certain subjects that may arise. When your peers are computer geeks, you want to be able to speak intelligently about… well, beer of course.

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Flash Running on the iPhone

In light of the recent news regarding Apple’s modification of their ToS regarding how iPhone (and now iPad) applications can be developed… what seems to be a thinly veiled effort to specifically undermine Adobe’s attempts to bring Flash to those devices… I thought it might be worth demonstrating that Flash can absolutely run on the iPhone.

A picture, as they say…

Software Engineering Explained

Not new, but one of those things where every time I think about it and want to show it to somebody, I have to hunt it down. For my convenience, and your pleasure, I present you with “Software Engineering Explained”

Software Engineering Explained Graphic

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