Today’s Ten Commandments

The following list was posted to twitter by Cory Booker (@CoryBooker), Mayor of Newark, New Jersey. I don’t know if this list was created by Mr. Booker or if he was just passing it along, but either way, it’s information that’s worth passing on.

  1. To create wealth: give more than you get
  2. To obtain freedom: adopt discipline
  3. To gain tomorrow: sacrifice today
  4. To be secure: take risks
  5. To lead: serve
  6. To get up: lift another
  7. To get revenge: forgive
  8. To win: find the lessons in loss
  9. To fly: fall often
  10. To change the world: change yourself


GMail Account Hacked

Late Friday night, I got a somewhat cryptic DM on Twitter from Pradeep Viswanathan. It said, “You have been attacked by some virus!!! take the required measures :)” I don’t know Pradeep very well (not outside of Twitter, at least), so I wasn’t quite sure how he knew that I had been attacked by a virus. In fact, my first thought was that Pradeep had been attacked by a virus which sent out DMs to his followers stating that they had been attacked by a virus.

Shortly after that, Judith Barnett emailed me at my primary e-mail account, stating that my gmail account had been hacked, and was sending out spam.


I logged into gmail, and before I could even get to my “Sent Items” folder to verify, I saw several bounced emails in my inbox, sent by me (apparently). The message stated:

Hi friends

Please download and watch my girlfriend’s self-view video
http://(link removed by me)/video.exe

After reading, please reply me……Very exciting.

So… what to do?

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“Close Firefox” Message… Calling in the Cavalry

I’ve been wrestling with an issue for most of the day, and what has now turned into a good portion of the night. While I like to think I write the occasional blog entry to try and help others, it occurs to me that there may be a time when it could work the other way around.

That time would be now.

At work, we have a process that we use to test our changes before committing to the central repository (using Git). Basically, after we’ve made our changes and have the code in what seems to be a “good working state”, we take the following steps:

  • Commit locally to Git
  • Run a build, which is an ANT script that does the following (among other things):

    • Runs a suite of MXUnit tests
    • Runs a suite of Selenium tests
  • If all test pass, push our changes to the central repository and move on.
  • If any tests fail, fix and repeat the process.

Today, during the point in the build process at which the Selenium tests run (which run in an instance of Firefox), I got the following notification:

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The Nicest Thing Anybody’s Said About Me in a Long Time…

you’re like the herpes of the internet, theres 50000000 CF forums and everytime i read a thread going “ah this is the issue i have, i really don’t want to do it this particular way” there you are answering why you should do it like that, very annoying

The above was just IM’d to me by a friend. I think it might actually be a compliment of sorts.

On an unrelated note… sincere apologies for the lack of blog entries (and even more sincere apologies for resuming blogging with this particular entry). Suffice it to say, I’ve been busy, which is a “good thing” ™. I do intend to get back to it, updating everybody with what’s been going on (we moved… again), things I’ve learned about working from home, and of course, ColdFusion.

Stay tuned…

Light Blogging – What’s Been Going On

For a while there, I was in a groove. Not a Nadel or Camden-like groove, but I was posting frequently enough that I no longer felt pangs of guilt over my poor neglected blog. But it’s been weeks since my latest entry. What’s up?

As of October 23rd, I am no longer with Amcom. I enjoyed my time there, but their long-term goals were not in line with my long-term goals. After a series of discussions, we ended with an amicable parting of the ways.

The following Monday, I started a new job. A 3 month contract at Barclays Global Investors. The work is good, but I’ve gone from a 3 mile 10 minute drive to an hour+ commute into San Francisco. I really enjoy being in the city, but the close to 3 hour commute each day has significantly cut into what I laughingly refer to as my “spare time”.

I expect that I should be getting used to the new schedule soon, and might be able to organize/tweak my routine to allow for whipping out a blog entry or two in the evenings each week. We’ll call this entry the new beginning.

Next up, I’ll be detailing another new endeavor… coming on as Co Editor-in-Chief of the Fusion Authority Quarterly Update magazine. Yes, I’m aware that you think it’s dead/defunct/EOL. I can assure you that this is not the case.

Meanwhile, as mentioned above… the current job is a contract, scheduled to go through the end of the year. If you are looking to bring on a ColdFusion developer with 13 years of experience sometime in early 2010, or know of somebody who might be, please drop me a line.

Comment Moderation is Now On :(

As much as I hate to do this, I’m getting tired of the loser(s) posting WoW spam links in the comments. I don’t particularly mind cleaning ‘em up… but for the 3 or 4 people that actually cared enough to subscribe to the blog… I really don’t like the thought of them getting the spam in return.

At some point, I may look into incorporating Jake Munson’s cfFormProtect or some other measure to try and eliminate the spam. But for now, between work and a couple of side jobs that I’m desperately trying to finish up, I simply don’t have the time.

If anyone’s interested, the spammer in question posted from the following IP addresses (updated 11 Dec 2008). Feel free to add ‘em to your blacklist:

Google’s Chrome… It Still Doesn’t Suck

Day 2 with Chrome, and I’m still liking it quite a bit.

No, it doesn’t necessarily “rule” (as stated by T. Fleming in the comments on yesterday’s post), but it’s off to a very decent start.

It doesn’t “rule” yet, because it’s been available to the public for all of a day. It’s in its infancy. It won’t compete with Firefox until such time that plugins are available (but I understand that’s on the roadmap). There are some options that are lacking, or not at all available (or so hard to find that I’m under the impression that they’re not at all available). How can i tell chrome to check for newer versions of the page with each page request? Don’t think I can. I’d also like a more robust means of organizing my bookmarks. Oh, and I did manage to crash it earlier today. Not even sure what happened… it just… crashed.

Google Chrome Crashed

In spite of these “issues”, I still like the browser. Just like the Google Talk client when it was first introduced (anyone remember… no file transfer options, no voice chat options…), it seems to be laser focused on doing what it’s meant to do. Browse web sites. I’m fairly confident that the additional “bells and whistles” will follow.

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Google’s Chrome… It Doesn’t Suck

The blogosphere and Twitter are both ablaze today with talk of Google’s foray into the browser market with Chrome. My first impressions, and some accompanying screenshots…

Up until it was actually available, I’d not been following the story too much, so I hadn’t seen screenshots or read about any specific features. My first impression upon loading it up was, “wow… there’s… no chrome”. I haven’t messed around yet with configuration options, but there’s no status bar. No toolbar. It’s literally just an address bar (which seems to also serve as an integrated search bar), and tabs. It’s minimalistic in its look, as is standard with most things Google, but I like it. It’s uncluttered, but I’m not sure the general public will see it as such. The plain design that I see as a plus could easily be seen as… well, plain.

Which raises an interesting point. I’m not sure what market Google is after. Are they trying to be a mainstream browser and compete directly with IE and Firefox? I don’t know that I see that happening. But given some of the features that they’ve implemented, I definitely see them competing for the affections of techie geeks.

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This is Me Naked

…Well, it’s my blog naked.

Yes, it’s CSS Naked Day. Neat concept. I didn’t play last year because I was on a hosted blog over at cfblog and didn’t have enough granular control to remove all styling (not that i was aware of, anyway).

Obviously, this is something that can be done at any time. Certainly, in your dev environment if nowhere else, just to see what the results are. I guess it took an “official” holiday for me to actually make that effort tho.

I think things look mostly good (which is nice, since I think I suck at CSS). Seems I’ve got some inline styles down there in the footer. Maybe I’ll take care of that at some point.

Did you go naked today? How’d it go?

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