The Lucky Man

Hi! I’m Charlie Griefer, one of the luckiest people to ever walk the planet.

I live in sunny Phoenix, AZ with my beautiful wife and 3 amazing children. Prior to Arizona, I lived in New Jersey (born and raised), Arizona (the first time), Florida, California, and California again (higher up).

To put food on the table, I spend my days (and sometimes nights, and sometimes weekends) working for World Singles. My boss is one of the most talented programmers that I’ve been fortunate enough to know, and together we work for people that treat us like family (the good kind… not the crazy-uncle-you-only-see-on-Thanksgiving kind).

Most of my work has been with ColdFusion on the server and jQuery on the client. Lately I’ve been given the opportunity to broaden my horizons a bit, and have started my foray into functional programming with Clojure, as well as some experimentation with NoSQL databases MongoDB and Cassandra.

Working for good people, with good people, doing what I love… and doing it all from home, within arm’s reach of my family.

Pretty damn lucky.

© Copyright Charlie Griefer