4Clojure with Me (part deux)

Last month I blogged about my efforts to get through 4Clojure in a collaborative manner via my github repository of 4Clojure solutions.

My 4Clojure efforts were a bit sidetracked by my efforts to jaunt through the Joy of Clojure, which can best be summed up as an interactive/online reading group trying to make our way through the Joy of Clojure.

Those two paths have now converged. The folks running the Joy of Clojure jaunt have set up their own github repository for 4Clojure solutions at https://github.com/probablywrong/wrong4clojure. It’s the same idea as mine. Post your 4Clojure solutions along with any relevant comments that you’d like to add that explain your solution. The difference is that this one is much more active :)

I’ll likely be abandoning mine in favor of the repo at probablywrong. There are already several solutions posted along with some great comments. If you’ve been following my repo, please check out the probablywrong repo, and of course, feel free to send pull requests with your own solutions. It’s also probably not too late to join in on the reading group. We’ve got a mailing list, an IRC channel (#probabywrong on freenode), and do weekly Google Hangouts. See my previous blog entry for more details.