A Jaunt through The Joy of Clojure

Last week I blogged about my endeavor to collaboratively work on the questions at 4Clojure.com. This week, my progress on that particular endeavor might slow down a little bit, or perhaps already has. It’s not forgotten by any means, but I’m juggling a few projects and multi-tasking as fast as I can.

Earlier this week, I was focused on my MongoDB for Developers course, which is currently in week 6 of 7. Last week I had completely forgotten about it because I was focused on the 4Clojure work. I remembered it Sunday evening, and it turned into a long Sunday evening (assignments are due on Monday). This week I wanted to avoid that scenario from replaying itself, so between Monday night and Tuesday night, I wrapped up this week’s MongoDB assignments. Go me!

Additionally, the fine folks over at We’re Probably Wrong are beginning A Jaunt Through The Joy of Clojure. I hesitated to jump on board, but on Monday of this week (the first day of the jaunt), I signed on.

The jaunt (or is it a foray?) focuses on the book The Joy of Clojure, by Michael Fogus and Chris Houser. Surprisingly, for a new and rather niche language, there are a number of Clojure books available. I’ve heard good things about this one, but I’ve also heard that it’s one of the more advanced books of the bunch. I had been working my way through Clojure Programming by Chas Emerick, Brian Carper, and Christophe Grand. I’ve perused most of the available books, and Clojure Programming seemed to me like the most approachable, and is also the most up-to-date. But the foray seemed like too good of an opportunity to pass up, even if it was using the more difficult book.

I got in on the “Early Access Edition” of the book, which also gave me a copy of the first edition. The foray is on a fairly ambitious timeline, but it’s doable. Five weeks to get through what’s known to be a challenging Clojure book. It’ll be difficult, but being involved with the group should help motivate me to keep up and actually finish the book. There’s a mailing list (email foray@librelist.com), and an IRC channel (#probablywrong) set up on freenode.

Tonight wraps up day 3 of the foray. It’s been quiet so far, but starting to pick up. I’ve been wrapped up with the MongoDB course, and others have been wrapped up in their own projects. Some have mentioned that they expect a majority of their participation will occur on the weekends.

If this sounds like it might be of interest to you, it’s certainly not too late to join in. As mentioned, there hasn’t been a lot of activity yet, but I do expect it to pick up shortly. If you want to join up, shoot an email to foray@librelist.com