What a Difference Six Years Makes

The other night I was going thru the Google Image results for a search on my name. It wasn’t as much of a vanity thing as it sounds… a friend happened to point out to me some surprising results in her search, so I got curious and ran mine.

While I didn’t find anything particularly surprising, I did find one disturbing image. It was an image of me taken back in July of 2006, almost exactly 6 years ago. While I’ve blogged pretty extensively about my lifestyle changes and getting (and staying) healthy after a Master Cleanse, it’s not often that I come across an old photo of myself and see the difference over the course of the years. The changes are obviously not something you see day-to-day, so it can be a bit jarring to look at before-and-after pictures.

I happened to have an image on my phone that was only a couple of days old, and I couldn’t help but hold it up to the screen and look at the two photos next to each other. It made me feel both incredibly sad at the person that I used to be, but also incredibly happy at how far I’ve come. I have a number of goals in mind that I haven’t met yet, and I know that I have quite a way to go still. But now if I find myself getting frustrated because things aren’t happening as quickly as I’d like them to, I can take a look at these two photos and know for certain that while they may not be happening overnight, they’re definitely happening.

As time has gone on since my cleanse back in 2009, I’ve pushed myself to continually do more. Originally, my exercise regimen was the Wii and Wii Fit. In time, I ended joining a martial arts gym in San Ramon, and kept that going after we moved back to Phoenix. I’ve recently increased the amount of time I’ve been spending at the gym and pushing myself harder while I’m there. As of January of this year, I’ve been a vegetarian.

I’m pretty pleased with the progress that I’ve made, but looking forward to the day that I can add another photo to the right of these two :)

July 2006 on the left, July 2012 on the right.