Haboob 2 – Son of Haboob

A few weeks back, Phoenix was hit with a haboob that made national news. There were some stunning pictures and video taken, as seen here (photos) and here (videos).

Today, we’re in the midst of yet another haboob. From what I understand, if the last one was a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10, this one rates about a 3. Still pretty impressive though. Especially since I happened to be driving right into it as it approached and ultimately engulfed my neighborhood.

These pictures aren’t nearly close to the calibre of some of the photos that I saw of the last storm, but given that these are taken with an iPhone camera, and I was driving at the time (sorry, Mom), I think they’re worth passing along.

The haboob approaches

Still comin', Milo

Haboob! I am inside of you!