“Close Firefox” Message… Calling in the Cavalry

I’ve been wrestling with an issue for most of the day, and what has now turned into a good portion of the night. While I like to think I write the occasional blog entry to try and help others, it occurs to me that there may be a time when it could work the other way around.

That time would be now.

At work, we have a process that we use to test our changes before committing to the central repository (using Git). Basically, after we’ve made our changes and have the code in what seems to be a “good working state”, we take the following steps:

  • Commit locally to Git
  • Run a build, which is an ANT script that does the following (among other things):

    • Runs a suite of MXUnit tests
    • Runs a suite of Selenium tests
  • If all test pass, push our changes to the central repository and move on.
  • If any tests fail, fix and repeat the process.

Today, during the point in the build process at which the Selenium tests run (which run in an instance of Firefox), I got the following notification:

Can’t say I’ve ever seen that before. I’m pretty sure the change to my local system that introduced this message was that I was prompted the other day to upgrade Firefox. Being somewhat of a lemming, I agreed and downloaded the latest version. When it installed, it proceeded to inform me that I had some incompatible plugins. One in particular was the Selenium plugin, which I need. So I reverted back to 3.6.10.

… and the next time I ran a build, I got the “Close Firefox” message for the first time (what would be the first of many).

I hit Google and was pretty pleased to see a good number of results. That generally suggests that the problem is widespread enough that the solution has already been found. I did come across a number of solutions. Unfortunately, none of them resolved the issue. Some things that I tried, in no particular order (as it’s now all sort of one big nightmarish blur):

  • Deleted the profiles.ini file in ~/Library/Application Support/Firefox
  • Deleted the .default file in ~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles
  • Blew away my current Firefox install (including removing any traces I could find), and reinstalled 3.6.10
  • Blew away my current Firefox install (including removing any traces I could find), and installed 3.6.12

After each attempt, I ran a new build. After each attempt, at the point in the build process at which Selenium kicks in, I got the same notification.

I’m officially at a loss. Out of ideas. When I search Google for the error message, all of the results show that the links have been visited. If anybody has any thoughts, or even better, a solution (preferably one that doesn’t involve reformatting my hard drive… but that’s pretty much the only thing left I’ve got), I’d be eternally grateful to hear.

(Could be worth pointing out that I’m on OS X 10.6.4, but based on the paths to my Profiles, you’ve probably figured that much out)