Light Blogging – What’s Been Going On

For a while there, I was in a groove. Not a Nadel or Camden-like groove, but I was posting frequently enough that I no longer felt pangs of guilt over my poor neglected blog. But it’s been weeks since my latest entry. What’s up?

As of October 23rd, I am no longer with Amcom. I enjoyed my time there, but their long-term goals were not in line with my long-term goals. After a series of discussions, we ended with an amicable parting of the ways.

The following Monday, I started a new job. A 3 month contract at Barclays Global Investors. The work is good, but I’ve gone from a 3 mile 10 minute drive to an hour+ commute into San Francisco. I really enjoy being in the city, but the close to 3 hour commute each day has significantly cut into what I laughingly refer to as my “spare time”.

I expect that I should be getting used to the new schedule soon, and might be able to organize/tweak my routine to allow for whipping out a blog entry or two in the evenings each week. We’ll call this entry the new beginning.

Next up, I’ll be detailing another new endeavor… coming on as Co Editor-in-Chief of the Fusion Authority Quarterly Update magazine. Yes, I’m aware that you think it’s dead/defunct/EOL. I can assure you that this is not the case.

Meanwhile, as mentioned above… the current job is a contract, scheduled to go through the end of the year. If you are looking to bring on a ColdFusion developer with 13 years of experience sometime in early 2010, or know of somebody who might be, please drop me a line.