Backing Up Hidden Files/Folders with Mozy

A few months back, I started using Mozy for off-site backups of my important files and folders. Back then, I stumbled across a way to back up hidden files and folders (such as the apache folder on OS X).

A friend noticed that I had this set up, and asked how to do it, as Mozy, by default, will only allow you to browse to public files and folders when choosing backup sets. I had completely forgotten how I did it, and spent a few minutes googling before finding the answer.

I’m doing a fresh install of OS X today, and as I’m setting up Mozy again, I just spent another few minutes trying to figure out how to back up hidden files and folders. So, in an effort to save me (and hopefully you) some time in the future… here’s how it’s done.

To show hidden files, run the following command from Terminal:

defaults write com.mozy.Config "BDSShowHiddenFilesKey" -bool YES

(taken from