ColdFusion and jQuery – New tutorial(s) on

A couple weeks back, Paul Kukiel asked me if I’d put together a tutorial for showing how to use jQuery and ColdFusion together.

I started writing, and about 14 pages later (including code samples), submitted the tutorial showing how to use jQuery’s getJSON() method to retrieve data from a ColdFusion CFC.

I started out wanting to explain what getJSON() does in terms that a ColdFusion user would easily understand, and then gradually take that concept and move towards a jQuery solution. I illustrated this by retrieving data from Twitter using one if their API methods.

Once the reader had a grasp of using getJSON() to retrieve data from Twitter (or any external site), I turned the focus to using getJSON() to retrieve data from a ColdFusion CFC.

Because it was a bit lengthy, Paul thought it would be best to break it out into 2 separate tutorials (and I agreed with this… in fact, I thought it might have worked well as 3 tutorials).

Part 1 has been posted at Part 2 should be along shortly (depending on how quickly Paul can get it formatted for screen) :)

If you have any comments or questions on any of the material that’s covered, let me know.