MAX 2009 ColdFusion Unconference

What, you may ask, is an Unconference?

As per Adobe’s MAX site:

Visit the Adobe ColdFusion® unconference area to participate in advanced tutorials and code show-and-tells. Share your latest cool code creations and explain how you built them.

Like last year, this year’s ColdFusion Unconference will be organized and run by Ray Camden, with an assist by Scott Stroz.

Unlike last year, this year I will be helping out, as Ray’s “Grunt Brute” (his term, not mine). I don’t know exactly what the job description is, but with a title like that, could I really have said no? (Side Note: It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve had a lapse in good judgment. I could tell stories, but my mom reads my blog and she’s disappointed enough in me as it is. Every family get-together it’s, “Oy, why ColdFusion? It’s a dead language!” She tells her friends I’m a Ruby developer. But I digress…)

I’m looking forward to doing my part in helping to make all 3 days of the Unconference as memorable as possible. Ray recently posted a Call for Speakers/Comments, so if you’d like to set up a session, or have comments as to something you’d like to see, please drop either Ray or myself a line.

Hope to see you in October!