iPhone Case and Screen Protector

After picking up my new iPhone a few weeks back, one of the first things I did was purchase a case. I wanted something to protect it from accidental drops, as well as something to protect the screen from scratches. I’m not a big belt-clip fan, so whatever I chose also needed to be fairly unobtrusive so that I could keep the phone in my front pocket.

The first purchase I made was the iSkin Solo. The Solo offered both a protective case as well as a screen protector. I ordered it online, so didn’t have the opportunity to get a good feel for it beforehand other than reading reviews (which were mostly positive). As noted, this was the “first purchase”, and not the solution that I ultimately went with.

The Solo is a nice looking case. However, it’s got kind of a rubbery feel to it. A sticky feel. It also accumulates fingerprints pretty easily, as well as anything that might be on your fingers or hands. My 4 and 6 year old daughters love playing various games on the phone. After a few minutes of them handling it, the Solo came back to me in need of a good cleaning.

The included screen protector is a rigid piece of plastic that adheres via static. My first attempt at putting it on was unsuccessful. It was crooked and there was no way my OCD brain would accept that. In peeling it off, the adhesive side got some fingerprints on it. The instructions state that it can be cleaned in a solution of warm water infused with some dish soap. Tried that, and couldn’t get it to dry without water spots on it. I finally gave up and went on to use the phone without a screen protector.

Yesterday I went down to my local Apple store to try and find another solution. I ended up with Power Support’s Anti-Glare Screen and an Incase Slider case. I could not possibly be happier with this combination.

The Anti-Glare screen was $15 for a box of 2. Again, my first attempt at putting the screen protector on was unsuccessful (again, crooked). Tried the 2nd one, taking great pains to ensure that it was going on straight, and bingo. I generally prefer a matte finish to glossy, so right away I was impressed with how the screen looked. I had yet to run into a situation where I felt that glare was a problem, but with the new screen protector, I know that in the future I won’t. It took a little while to get used to the feel of it, since it was no longer smooth. But after about an hour, it felt “right”.

I also like the Incase Slider much better than I liked the iSkin Solo. Again, it’s more of a “matte” finish versus the shiny rubber look/feel of the Solo. It feels a little bit thinner as well. Because it’s more of a hard case than a rubber case, it also doesn’t feel as “sticky” when holding it. The Solo may help keep the iPhone from sliding around on your dashboard more than the Slider does, but other than that, I really prefer the sleek feel of the Slider over the sticky feel of the Solo.

The Slider case also makes it easier to dock the phone, as the bottom 1/4 of the case is made to slide off. I had looked at the Slider prior to purchasing the Solo, and was concerned that the case might slide apart too easily. I didn’t want to have to put it back together every time I pulled the phone out of my pocket. Out of the box, without the phone actually in the case, it would seem like this would be true. However, the Apple store employee who was attending to me had one and showed me that with the phone inside of it, the case holds together very well. It’s highly unlikely that it would slide apart unless you mean for it to slide apart.

Big thumbs up for both the Power Support Anti-Glare screen as well as the Incase Slider. I’m very impressed with both products.