Helping out Joe and Dale

It’s been almost a month since Joe Rinehart, one of the superstars of the ColdFusion community, and an all-around good guy, revealed that his wife Dale had been recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

To get right to the point, some folks in the community got together and organized an effort to collect some funds to try and help offset the cost of medications and treatment. Please visit to read a little bit more about the effort, and to help out if you can.

I know times are tough for many. I know there may be people saying, “That’s really terrible and my heart goes out to them, but I’ve got problems of my own so I can’t help out right now.” I can sympathize with that. Hell, I can empathize with that. On the personal side of things, we’re dealing with a house in FL that we’ve not been able to sell since we left over 2 years ago. It’s pretty much devastated our finances. Believe me, I understand. I might even have thought that way myself. But here’s a little story that might help explain why I’m going to do what I can (aside from “Every little bit helps”, which is true, of course).

Last year at cf.Objective(), I was sharing a hotel room with Scott Stroz, who is good friends with Joe. One night, at roughly 1:30 am (my memory’s spotty on this, but it was late), Joe came knocking on the door looking visibly concerned/upset and asked Scott if he could come over to his room for a bit. Turns out what had happened is that while in his room, Joe heard a commotion coming from the room next to his. A commotion that clearly involved a woman being hit by somebody. He went over to the room, knocked on the door, and got the woman out. She was a bit shaken up, for obvious reasons. Joe wanted to call security, but she asked him not to. She knew this person and wasn’t comfortable turning him in. After some lengthy discussion, Joe convinced her that calling security was the best course of action. She relented, and he made the call. Security came up to his room, and handled the situation from there.

I’m not quite sure what would have happened if Joe didn’t get involved. But I do know that night likely would have ended much worse for her.

You might be wondering how this relates to the current situation. I thought a lot that night (and since that night) about what Joe did. Not only what Joe did… but what most other people would have done. Even what I would have done. Most people, I believe, would have turned up the TV to drown out the noise, and gone to sleep figuring it wasn’t their problem. Why get involved? Maybe some would have made a call to security before turning up the TV. Surely that’s getting involved “enough”? It wasn’t for Joe. I’d imagine that he was concerned about what might happen in between the time he called security and the time it took them to get there. In any event, what it boils down to is that he knew somebody was in trouble (somebody he didn’t even know), and acted on it immediately, with little regard for his own safety, in order to get that person out of harm’s way.

Being in the ColdFusion community, I know as much as most of you do about Joe Rinehart the professional. He’s intelligent, he’s innovative, he enjoys teaching others, and he contributes a good amount of his own work back to the community. That night showed me quite a bit about Joe Rinehart the person. I know that if it were somebody in my family that needed help, it wouldn’t matter what was going on in Joe’s life. He’d do something to help. If it were someone in your family, he’d do something to help. There are precious few things in this life that I’m 100% sure about. That’s one of them.

The page will be up for as long as it needs to be. If you can’t give something today, I urge you to give something when you can. I’d appreciate it if you could share the link with others, both inside and out of the ColdFusion community.

Thank you.