Google’s Chrome… It Still Doesn’t Suck

Day 2 with Chrome, and I’m still liking it quite a bit.

No, it doesn’t necessarily “rule” (as stated by T. Fleming in the comments on yesterday’s post), but it’s off to a very decent start.

It doesn’t “rule” yet, because it’s been available to the public for all of a day. It’s in its infancy. It won’t compete with Firefox until such time that plugins are available (but I understand that’s on the roadmap). There are some options that are lacking, or not at all available (or so hard to find that I’m under the impression that they’re not at all available). How can i tell chrome to check for newer versions of the page with each page request? Don’t think I can. I’d also like a more robust means of organizing my bookmarks. Oh, and I did manage to crash it earlier today. Not even sure what happened… it just… crashed.

Google Chrome Crashed

In spite of these “issues”, I still like the browser. Just like the Google Talk client when it was first introduced (anyone remember… no file transfer options, no voice chat options…), it seems to be laser focused on doing what it’s meant to do. Browse web sites. I’m fairly confident that the additional “bells and whistles” will follow.

Of course, the biggest issue surrounding Chrome right now seems to be the EULA, which indicates that by using Chrome, you’re granting google permanent and irrevocable rights to your content, data, photos, and children. I’d been waiting to see someone at Google step up and address this, and earlier today someone finally did. I’m sure there are those for whom this won’t be “enough”, and there still exists some paranoia about one company having such a far-reaching grasp. I remain of the mindset that, until they do something evil, something that gives me a reason to not trust them… if they’re putting out a good product, there’s really no reason for me to not try it. I won’t try and convince anyone who feels differently… we’re all entitled to our opinions, and I respect that. I’m simply stating mine.

Some notes from day 2… liking the fact that it still doesn’t crash as often as Firefox, or seem to consume as much memory. Noted that highlighting text on a web page and right-clicking gives you the ability to search Google for that highlighted text (neat!). Dragging a tab out of a browser window creates a new window. Built in JavaScript debugger/console (that I’ve not yet had the opportunity to play around with).

Still a fan, and looking forward to seeing what enhancements are added to this still very young product. Yes, it’s still rough around the edges… but there’s very little denying that for a product this young to be as solid as it is points to a potentially very sweet mature browser in the (hopefully near) future.