Tom Cruise + Scientology = Bad.
Sea Cruise + ColdFusion = More Gooder

Yeah, that title’s a stretch. Serves me right for trying to come up with a witty title before I’ve had my full morning dose of caffeine.

This made the rounds a while back, but since then things have been relatively quiet and I’m afraid it may have fallen off of most folks’ radars. Joshua Cyr is organizing a “non-conference” cruise. What’s that mean? It means the best part of the average conference… you know, after the sessions, alcohol in hand, hanging out at the bar with your fellow developers sharing war stories and talking shop… without the pesky sessions getting in the way.

And the best part? It’s on a boat. A big boat that sails from Miami to the Bahamas (and back). Food? Check. Drink? Check (um… gotta pay for those tho). White sandy beaches and inviting blue waters? Check. People you talk to online but have yet to meet in person (or don’t meet often enough)? Yup.

I think it’s a great idea and I applaud josh’s efforts for putting it together and coordinating the effort. I’d love to attend, but living on the left coast means paying for cross-country airfare for a family of 5… and that alone would run me about 4x the cost of the cruise itself. But I’d like to see this succeed. I’d like to think that it’ll be so successful that it’ll be an annual event, and that maybe I can make it in 2010.

What about you? What are you doing feb 9-13th of 2009? Check out for all the details.