42 Different Kinds of Awesome – CrossSlide jQuery Plugin

Via Scott Pinkston on #coldfusion…

While I haven’t had the opportunity to dive as deeply into jQuery as I’d like, I’ve incorporated quite a few jQuery plugins into some recent projects, and have always been impressed with the quality of the output as well as the ease of implementation.

Last night Scott brought the CrossSlide jQuery plugin to my attention. I’m definitely in awe.

The plugin plays an image “slideshow” of sorts. It utilizes a fade transition effect, as well as a panning effect to create an overall effect that I’d only previously seen done via Flash. There are a few configuration options as well, including the option of not panning the image, and panning/zooming (what they refer to as the “Ken Burns effect”).

This is one of those plugins that, unfortunately, I really have no need for at the moment… but it’s slick enough that I’ve been wracking my little brain trying to figure out how I could force it into an upcoming project :)

Check it out!