So Long and Thanks for… well, you know.

Wow. I remember this place. It’s been a while, though :(

Over the years, this blog has been home to my posts on any number of subjects. From programming to humor to health and fitness to sports (go, Giants!), to family matters… it was here. The trouble with that, however, is that I endeavor to lead two different lives. My professional/programming life, and my personal life. It never quite sat well with me to mix the two here. There are, with a few exceptions, different people in my personal life than in my professional life. Those who follow me for ColdFusion or JavaScript or other programming information, really don’t care much about who I’m rooting for in the Super Bowl (go, Giants!). Likewise, family and friends really don’t care much about programming.

Worlds collide.

That is coming to an end as of today.

For a short while now, I’ve been running a personal blog over at Second Half Charlie. It was originally meant to be somewhat of a motivational/inspirational site. As I’m smack dab in the middle of an existential mid-life crisis, I figured I’d share some of the life lessons that I’m learning. But it’s evolved into more of a general personal site. Basically, if it’s not about programming, it’s on Second Half Charlie.

So what of programming posts? Why not just continue to post them here? Frankly, I felt that a fresh start was in order. I don’t want to try to salvage the remains of a neglected and unfocused blog. In the spirit of moving on in my professional life, I wanted to do something that was representative of the journey. From this point on, all of my programming related posts will be made at Functionally Numb ( I think that the URL itself represents what I want the blog to be. It’s about programming. It’s about learning new technologies. In fact even the blog platform (Jekyll) is new to me, and has taken some time to learn.

I plan to leave this blog up and running. There’s information here that I think may be of use to people. Not much reason to take it down. While there won’t be any new posts, I’ll try to respond to comments if any come in  (Update: Comments have been closed, sorry!).

To those that have participated, thank you. I hope to see you over at Second Half Charlie or Functionally Numb.


4Clojure with Me (part deux)

Last month I blogged about my efforts to get through 4Clojure in a collaborative manner via my github repository of 4Clojure solutions.

My 4Clojure efforts were a bit sidetracked by my efforts to jaunt through the Joy of Clojure, which can best be summed up as an interactive/online reading group trying to make our way through the Joy of Clojure.

Those two paths have now converged. The folks running the Joy of Clojure jaunt have set up their own github repository for 4Clojure solutions at It’s the same idea as mine. Post your 4Clojure solutions along with any relevant comments that you’d like to add that explain your solution. The difference is that this one is much more active :)

I’ll likely be abandoning mine in favor of the repo at probablywrong. There are already several solutions posted along with some great comments. If you’ve been following my repo, please check out the probablywrong repo, and of course, feel free to send pull requests with your own solutions. It’s also probably not too late to join in on the reading group. We’ve got a mailing list, an IRC channel (#probabywrong on freenode), and do weekly Google Hangouts. See my previous blog entry for more details.

A Jaunt through The Joy of Clojure

Last week I blogged about my endeavor to collaboratively work on the questions at This week, my progress on that particular endeavor might slow down a little bit, or perhaps already has. It’s not forgotten by any means, but I’m juggling a few projects and multi-tasking as fast as I can.

Earlier this week, I was focused on my MongoDB for Developers course, which is currently in week 6 of 7. Last week I had completely forgotten about it because I was focused on the 4Clojure work. I remembered it Sunday evening, and it turned into a long Sunday evening (assignments are due on Monday). This week I wanted to avoid that scenario from replaying itself, so between Monday night and Tuesday night, I wrapped up this week’s MongoDB assignments. Go me!

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4Clojure with Me

I’m currently in the process of a renewed effort to become proficient with Clojure. We’ve been using it at World Singles in production for a couple of years now, but there’s been enough CFML that I’ve not really needed to do much in the Clojure beyond very superficial updates. But the CFML is shrinking, the Clojure is growing (well, not really… the Clojure code is much more concise than the CFML code, but you know what I mean), and it’s time for me to fully embrace Clojure.

It’s not that I haven’t tried over the past couple of years. But making the leap from self-taught ColdFusion developer to Clojure and functional programming has been no small task. Functional programming is such a different paradigm that I’ve stumbled over many of the basic concepts. Recently, however, I took a Coursera course on Programming Languages. That’s when the light bulbs started coming on. I had read Clojure books. I had gone to conferences. But sitting down and actually writing out code for the assignments, that’s when it started to click. To be clear, the Coursera course wasn’t Clojure-based. It wasn’t meant to teach any particular language. Rather, it was meant to teach programming concepts. And specifically, functional programming concepts. I started to understand the difference between recursion and iteration. The notion of variable assignments, and in particular, re-assigning a value to a variable, started to make me uneasy. Conceptually, the pieces were falling into place.

Now I’m tasked with fleshing out some code at work that relies on Clojure. Some of it is still CFML written in FW/1, but the meat of it is using the Clojure-based Expectations testing framework. It’s been a challenge, but as with the Coursera course, jumping into the code has proved to be very beneficial. But I still need to hone the Clojure skills in order to work efficiently. Enter 4Clojure.

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So, I Wrote a Book

Instant jQuery 2.0 Table Manipulation How-to

Instant jQuery 2.0 Table Manipulation How-to

A few months back I was contacted by a representative of Packt Publishing asking me if I’d have any interest in writing a book on using jQuery to perform HTML table manipulation. Apparently they had seen a previous blog entry that I had written on manipulating table row backgrounds using jQuery and thought that the concept could be fleshed out into a book. Turns out they were right. Instant jQuery 2.0 Table Manipulation How-to has made it to the final steps of publication as we speak.

It’s a long and unfortunate title, but that’s OK as I didn’t come up with it. The title isn’t mine. Everything inside is, and I hope that people find that to be more entertaining and more educational and just all around better than the title. Of course, that assumes that you’re going to buy the book. You do plan on buying the book, don’t you? If you don’t buy the book then all of that knowledge just sits there between the pages (or electrons, if you’re into the epub scene) and does nobody any good.

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